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Supernova SNAT2021J in NGC4414 @Mag13.2

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This morning I observed SNAT2021J in NGC4414 and it is bright! (now listed as 13.2)

Here is my observing sketch:


I was using the 20" Dob and Televue EPs connected to PVS-14 NVD.

This supernova was immediately seen in both the 27mm (x77 magnification) and 18.2mm (x111 magnification) TeleVue EPs. I also tried with the Televue 67mm  eyepiece (at a miniscule x31 magnification) and I could still just make out the SN even at this low magnification!

I marked a few stars on my diagram - star "G" was about the same brightness as the SN.

I know you may not have a NVD but at 13.2 magnitude you may be able to get it?


I also successfully viewed:

UGC7125 & SN2020qmp


I started with the 27mm Panoptic attached to PVS-14 (magnification around x77) and at first did not see the SN, but I started to get glimpses after some time... Once I moved to the 18.2 DeLite (x114 magnification) then the SN popped into view. The SN is sitting within the galaxy disk and star "A" in my diagram was slightly brighter than the SN. Note the second galaxy just below (near star C) also seen in the same fov.

I was amazed to find this SN as it has been around since July 2020.


PGC048870 & SNAT2021K


This was a toughie due to the small size of the galaxy at x111 magnification (18.2 DeLite), but I would say that I could notice the SN away from the galaxy central line (just about). There is another galaxy UGC8718 right next to PGC048870 and its easy to get them mixed up - PGC048870 is the galaxy nearest to the two brightest close-by field stars.


UGC6930 & SN2020rcq


The SN was vey faintly seen with the 18.2mm DeLite. It takes time to come into view. The SN was fainter than all the stars that I marked on my sketch! I was amazed to find this SN as it has been around since August 2020.



Finally, another one to try is SN2020adow in PGC024012 (I would estimate that the SN was around mag 15 and brightening) , this one is available at a more sociable time and I bagged it on 5th January...



Clear skies,



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Great report Alan :smiley:

Can't wait to have a crack at 2021j myself. Actually a crack at anything would be nice !

Mag 14.5 or brighter is doable with my 12 inch dob without NVD.


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