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How quickly we forget!

maw lod qan

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It's so amazing how fast one thing fades away, no longer catching our interest or our eyes, being replaced by something spectacular!

It's only been just a little over what, two months since the God of War was shining brilliantly, drawing all our attention.

But then along comes Jupiter and Saturn, stealing the show in our evening sky!

Out last evening, knowing that the two gas giants would quickly no longer be close enough to image together, I took a few more images.

Like it always does, Luna attracted my attention.

Looking away from Jupiter and Saturn in the Eastern sky, I suddenly realized, just like an over looked "red haired stepchild" Mars was putting on it's own display being in conjunction with the Moon.

Now, it's no longer the main act, but it's still part of the show!

The Moon is overexposed, but there's the second conjunction of the evening!



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