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Guiding and Filters WcCtrl & LPR


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Hello All

Looking for some advice on two topics.

Firstly, guide cameras. I have an EQ5 Synscan + Explorer 150 on which I have piggybacked a Nikon D40. I have also installed eqmod and am looking into guiding. I have both an SPC900 and a Trust WB5400. Having read on the forum that WcCtrl should allow up to 1.4s exposures with the 5400, this seems like the best option. However I can't seem to get this working correctly. I am running the latest version 1.5.4 I think. Camera works but settings either can't be changed or Jump and then can't be changed.

Secondly, LPR filters. I have read that for DSLR lens a Didymium filter should help with skyglow. Has anybody tried this and is the type sold http://www.warehouseexpress.com/product/default.aspx?sku=1013393 correct. Another option seems to be to buy a dedicated 2" filter and use some sort of adapter.

Sorry this seems a lot but any help would be appreciated.


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The B&W filter wouldn't be as good for sky glow as a proper Light pollution filter (LPR). Different market.

A 48mm ( standard 2" astro filter) can be fitted to the Canon using photographic step-up filter rings ie 48 to 55 then a 55 to 58mm. This then allows you to used a quality LPR filter ie Baader UHC-S, etc. These can also be used on the telescope later (if you have a 2" focuser)

Can't help you with the 5400; I use either the QHY5, DSI or ST-4 for guiding.

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Hi James, it was probably me that posted about the wb-5400, I can't remember how to get it up and running off the top of my head but it definitely works, I can tell you I did find the information on the wcctrl/wcrmac yahoogroup, so you should start looking there. I can vaguely remember something about wcRmac (the partner program to wcctril) being involved but that could be a red herring.

Sorry for sounding so vague, I just simply don't have the time to get it all up and running to find out for you at the moment.

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Thanks for the info.

I will have a look at the yahoo group and regarding the filters that sounds like a great idea. I have found a step down adapter 58-48mm that should work with my sigma lens for £4.50 on Amazon. Now to decide on an LPR filter. Does anybody know if the Skywatcher 2" LPR filter would work from a London suburb (imaging only).CheersJames

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