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Walking on the Moon

Venus Sunday 28 Dec 2008


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Had my first go at imaging Venus this afternoon using the little WO Megrez 72 APO on the Nexstar SLT mount on the driveway (didn't want to frighten the neighbours with the C9.25 on the EQ6 Pro mount).

The best dozen or so frames from 800 and odd using the Celestron Neximage at 15 fps through two TAL 2X barlows with the gain turned well down, brightness less than midway and contrast reduced. I also used both the Atik infra red blocker and Baader Contrast booster filters to try and combat the glare from our sister planet that threatened to overload the CCD. Stacked in Registax and some post processing in Paint Shop Pro.


(click to enlarge)

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Thanks Jamie, I want to try imaging it with the Celestron C9.25 SCT at some point. The front of my house faces south and I tend to use the telescopes in the back garden away from the view of the neighbours. Like you, my view south is spoilt by houses - this shot was taken between two houses opposite.

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Thanks for the kind comments guys, the problem seems to be the vast amount of glare the planet gives off: not that there would be much to see as Venus is permanently enveloped in thick cloud as I'm sure you are aware. I think the phases are the best that can be hoped for, but I'll give it another go with the SCT when I get chance.

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