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90mm Achromat


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Very nice (again). At the risk of sounding controversial, I find my counterweight modified AZ3 to be a nicer option to a few of the lighter-weight alt-az mounts available. Great value for money. Did you do the weight mod yourself? Is it detailed anywhere?

Ant 8)

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Yes I did it by fitting a (bended)M8 wire to the mount. On the wire I slided a stainless steel weight. In this way it works great. I needed quite some weight because ny scope is quite far to the rear. I also wanted to prevent the rod colliding with the mount. It looks a bit silly in my opinion, but who cares at night?

The AZ3 is quite OK, not heavy, even with this modification and very cheap at some retailers.


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Nice looking scope. I've been considering getting one to use as a dedicated solar observing scope with a Hershal wedge that I already have.

What do you think of the general quality of construction? CA won't be a problem with the filters I would be using but how sharp are the optics?


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dear John

The last week(s) I have been using the scope quite often and I have to say it is quite good! Depending on the quality of the eyepiece stars are without deformation until the edge of the field of view. Stars are nice and "pointy". Out of focus shows that the collimation is very good.

I have not gone above magnifications of 65x but up to there it looks all very nice. (especially since it is not an Apo)

Construction: if you are able to check the scope before buying, please do so. My first one was NOT ok. Somehow the focusser was wrongly mounted or damaged. I had no problems with getting a new one. (Thanks to Robtics.!)

The scope is well made in my opinion and the crayford focusser can be adjusted enough to take on heavy eyepieces.

I have used rings for mounting instead of the "photo screw/wedge" fixation. This looks more solid to me and I could use the original mounting plate for fixing my red dot finder. The focusser can be rotated, which is very nice.

So, I am quite pleased. Easy and light weight, great for star fields and other large field object:


M1 easy to find, shape just visible

M42 GREAT at 30x

M 35, 36, 37 38 very nice

Moon very nice (but I prefer my Mak for higher magnifications)

I hope this gives a good indication


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