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Help required with DSS (reference frames)

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I'm having a problem when I try to stack checked frames using an unchecked frame as a reference.

Let's see if I have got the procedure right :-

I load all of the subs (different exp times),

Check, say, all of the 30s subs,

Hit the "go" button,

Save the file.

Uncheck all,

Check the next set of subs,

Select one of the first subs and set as a reference frame,

Hit the "go" button.

It's at this point that the program crashes. Is my procedure correct? Is it because I am using Vista? It's not to much of a concern at the moment, but when I start LRGB imaging then it will be.



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Not really answering your crashing question here, but I have a feeling that DSS will cope with subs of differing exposure times automatically. i.e. if you the check the lot it will process the 30secs separately from the 1mins etc etc then combine them correctly at the end. So no need to manually select then save files as you go along.

Perhaps someone else could confirm this?


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Ah, yes, but...

This particular case was different exposure times of M42 and I want to combine them, after stacking, if PS so as to show the complete dynamic range.

What I have done in the mean time is align the resultant DSS images in PS, but I know that DSS will do this (just not on my PC).

Thanks anyway.


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Ah gotcha, I'd be interested if you find out the answer Steve. I'm going to be trying that myself at some point. I did attempt the short subs for the trap but it was a no go as the scope I used is unable to resolve the trap.

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