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3 facts maybe you don't know about antimatter

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I would like to share with you guys some facts you might not know about antimatter:

1º - Recent studies suggest that an antimatter spacecraft could achieve up to 70% the speed of light, reaching Proxima b in just about 6 years.

2º - The maximum time that antimatter has been stored is 405 days.

3º - According to the former Fermilab physicist Gerald Jackson, antimatter rockets could become a reality by 2050.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIgpTrmKUZs&list=PL3RiFKfZj3ptaxqH3te_eKz1ge_CxQxjw&index=1

What are your thoughts about antimatter propulsion?

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Sounds interesting but, i remember being a child in the early 80's watching a television report about a man who was designing flying cars and roadways in the sky. Reporters speculated that by the year 2000, we may all be flying to work, i also heard about colonies on Mars by the year 2000 as a child. There must have been a thousand such speculations which sadly have never happened, i would put antimatter propulsion on the list as well, we're barely figuring out how to reliably generate energy from fusion reactors let alone making and storing antimatter without blowing ourselves to smithereens.

Antimatter Propulsion will happen in 2100 hopefully.


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