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M15 in Pegasus


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Evening all. Managed to get an hour outside this evening before the clouds rolled in.

Thought I'd have a go at M15 in Pegasus. Here's the result:


(click to enlarge)

Kit Details as follows:

Olympus E-410 DSLR

Exposure: 9 x 60” (Light Frames) + 5 Darks

ISO 400

Prime focus on 6” Maksutov-Cassegrain

I've found that the Dark Frame Subtraction method doesn't seem as effective as the Cameras on board Noise Reduction Filter. I'll have to keep experimenting.

Hope you enjoy.......


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Hi Jarvo,

Nice glob :)

HAve you done any "noise" analysis on the camera yet to find its sweetspot.

Take darks from say 15 - 600s across the range of iso's from 400-max and compare thinks the different noise sources... hot pixels, ampglow etc.

once you find a sweet spot then work use this and take darks seperated by increasing time intervals and see when the noise "stabalises" in particular the ampglow... if the inter sub delay is too short youi can end up witht he glow increasign and spreadign between frames. You might find it takes a few frames to become "stable"...

Once you get a feel for the cameras noise characteristics you will probably be able to take fewer darks but effectively spread throughout the imaging session.

Also remeber that the noise is temperature dependent..


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