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M45 and M38 with more subs added


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I got out on Friday and managed to get some more subs on both these. Stacked them all together and processed in PS. The process was a total mare and took me hours. Must have done something silly at some point...



M38, NGC1907, IC417 and Mr Smiley


Both of these were stretched a little in DSS first.

What's the accepted/recommended way of processing stacks from multiple nights ? Is it to sling it all in the pot or to stack each seperatly, then stack the stacked results ?

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HI John,

You really showing what can be done with short subs on an alt az mount this should inspire other people to give it a go... you just you need a load off them - the faint nebulosity is starting to show in the M45 shot and the M38 one is a pearler :)

In which way was the process a mare?

I have stacked images from different night by adding them to the file list in DSS . I Haven't tried stacking the stacks of stacks.


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Thanks Guys. Billy, I kept ending up with speckled colour bands through the image and other weird effects. Took me three hours to get these two to this point. That's probably my inability to use PS properly showing through though :)

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