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NGC2264, Cone Neb & CTC only in HA & B(B)


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Hi everybody.

Finally got the courage to throw this one out, as it probably will shock a few RGB-Conventionalists.

I shot HA of this one some time last year, then added 600s Blues to it, and a few short RGB-Subs, thinking that it probably will work out somehow. Well, it was a nightmare.
Long exposure RGB with my current setup ruins the stars (shallow well depth camera, blue bloat & generally average equipment) and generally does not come out well (i'm putting this kind of more realistic imaging off for a future where i will change equipment)
So i did what i could with what i have.

After months of failed attempts of processing, i decided to do something totally different, and just use the HA & Long-B and Do the same approach as i would with narrowband images - tonemapping (removing stars for combining colour, then putting luminance over the starless color data). This would result in white stars, but i am not that sad, as its an overwhelming image in any case due to the large HA Nebula.

I added B also to the Green channel to give it a more realistic touch and compared dozens of other 'real' RGB images around there, to not go too far off the rails.

I have yet mixed feelings, but if one considers that i'm not trying to reproduce an accurate color image - i think its ok-ish?


More details here: https://graemlourens.com/image/ngc2264-cone-nebula-and-christmas-tree-cluster/

Kind regards, Graem


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