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TS-Optics Filter Quick Changer

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Hello guys, I have in my hands this filter drawer system https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2159_TS-Optics-Filter-Quick-Changer-for-2--filters---T2-mount---length-15-mm.html

The site says that is also for visual use. I have a 16" dobsonian. How can I fit it on the focuser? I cannot find a single picture installed on a newtonian over the internet!

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You will need some other gadgets to use it for visual.

If you have 2" focuser, look into T2 to 2" extension like this:


And depending on whether you want to use 2" or 1.25" eyepieces, something like:


Diagram would be:

2" to T2 adapter goes into focuser, then you put filter drawer and then adapter from T2 to 1.25" (or 2" variety).

Also note that you will probably need some distancing rings, because filter drawer needs threads to be 3mm long and you will find that adapters usually have longer threads - that will end up sticking out inside filter drawer holder and you won't be able to insert drawer because of this.

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I think the whole thing is idiotic! The best would be if I could install it BEHIND the focuser. I already have moved the focuser about 18mm back in order to focus my eyepieces. So I could install it behind the focuser but even if I could find a way, then the focuser will hit on this thing. 

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I think that they probably meant "easy adaptation" for visual on refractors that already have T2 thread on focuser and enough backfocus like it was presented on their product page:


One just needs to add suitable T2 prism after (like Baader T2) and they are sorted for easy filter changing system.

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I managed to install it outside the cage just before the focuser. I needed to drill the cage in order to install the changer and make the truss poles shorter in order to be able to focus. I will try it tonight..

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