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Baader Zoom EP / Barlow on DSLR only

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Planning to get a Baader Hyperion Zoom MK IV for my telescope, but stumbled across a brochure advertising it could be hooked up to a DSLR for afocal photography.  I have linked a similar advertising picture below.


Being very curious here, can anyone with theory or experience tell me what one would expect to capture with just that setup, compared hooking it up via telescope instead ? Let say against a MAK 127 on Jupiter and a Bright DSO ?


To throw me even more off the rails, there is also a picture with Zoom Barlow attached to the DSLR. All I know Barlow’s with my limited knowledge is to increase telescope magnification and focal length by its multiplier.  Can you actually take pictures with just that on, or alternatively DSLR -> Zoom -> Barlow ?



Sorry if this is a stupid question - I done some searching beforehand but still very muddled. Cheers

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