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Smartphone adapter Moon pics

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Testing a 3-axis smartphone adapter that I will review later. Here I just want to show what I got through an 80mm semi-apo at 140x, only acceptable pics out of more than 30. No processing, no alteration. Hoping that clouds and haze will agree, this night I will do the same with a 5-inch reflector.

In theory the more than doubled light input should allow shorter and thus, sharper exposures at similar magnification, or the same exposure times with a larger image scale. The larger diameter should also resolve more details, but how well will they get to the sensor? Let's see how things turn out in practice, turbulence and obstruction will play their part. Feel free to enhance the pics if you like, I don' know the softwares.





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Works surprisingly well.

What eyepiece are you using? Found a wide field or low power eyepiece seems to work better as you don’t have to use much zoom to avoid that looking down a straw effect.


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