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startools narrowband

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Hi All,

I have what seems exhausted google trying to work out a decent workflow to process some narrowband data in startools. I know that data I have is limited so this could be a factor but I seem unable to bring out the colours. Its either yellow or red and I cannot seem to get them to blend. I have tried Ha in red OIII in blue, green, blue and green.

If anyone can give me some pointers I would really appreciate it.




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May be useful to post your stacked images to DropBox or equivalent. Like most things it depends on what you are working with.

My usual workflow is Bin, Crop, Autodev, Wipe, Manual Develop then various stretching operations and finally colour balance.

Loading the channels at the start depends on the target and how the channels look. Often HOS (as RGB), sometimes HHOS (using H for L as well)

Most of the work is in Colour Balance to get the desired effect.

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Not that I know much about it, but your data is mostly Ha which is red.  There's very little in the blue channel, apart from the stars, so I don't think there's anyway to combine these that will produce a colourful effect.  Can you get a luminance channel, or an SII channel? Or maybe some more Oiii data?  There are ways to combine these in Startools, but it really needs a bit more differentiation.


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The OIII channel is very weak. In fact the median value is only 386. Ha is better with a median of 1138.

Assuming the subs are of similar level then you need to expose the OIII subs much longer to get them above the noise.

I tried a variety of combinations.and the best visually I could get, in a short time, came with Ha as Luminance and Red  and OIII as Green and Blue (i.e HHOO) with ratio of 3.0 on OIII to bring it up to an equivalent level to Ha. Any attempt at a Wipe just killed the OIII contribution. So I just did an autodev and a colour balance to restore the red after autobalance. The only real contribution from OIII is to make the star cores look white. Not sure how that compares with what you could get.

Attached is the result along with stretched version of OIII so you can see its contribution. 





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thanks @kens time here is fairly short and few and far between and this was a mid week  job so had work next day. I will get some more data and this should help. As I have not really done much narrowband I was not sure what to expect.


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