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my last 2017 moon

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hi every one,

                 this was the result of a quick experiment .I decided to take a few shots of the moon on evening of 28/12/17.

                instead of video I decided to take some stills in PNG format before starting any deep sky imaging with my set up.

               scope WO STAR 71..camra ZWO ASI 1600mc-c  piggybacked on CPC 1100.

               24 single png exposures on camra's fastest setting, @ gain 79..brightness 20 stacked in AS!2. best 95%.

              color balance and wavelets in Reg 6, and cropped in Photo shop.

                                                                                                          thanks for looking...


19_25_35  m_g4_ap14+reg 6+auto tweked copy+ph.jpg

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