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Going wifi

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Hi all,

I was very much inspired by Sara's posts about the Eagle (swag72) and realized that I could do a similar approach with what I had at hand, so I ordered an updated PCI mini card with external wifi antennas to go with my Shuttles.

I plan to put these on, or next to my OTAs. They lack many features of course, compared to the Eagle, but hope they'll work well enough.

I also need the GTOCP4 control box for the mount to complete the wifi setup.

Long way away still, but any little progress counts!


2017-11-23 14.09.29.jpg

2017-11-23 14.09.50.jpg

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I'm sure you'll get it working. Wifi when it works can make life a lot easier.

Untill recently I was limited to either using a USB 3 portable HDD or running a LAN cable to transfer my captured data from the Obsy laptop.... Or ofcourse wait hours until it goes through on the 54mbps wifi, which in reality was something like 12mbps..

I put a router with bigger antennas between the PC router and the Obsy and got a 300mbps connection... Real transfer speed is at 100-120mbps...WAY  Better than before, not as good as on the gig it LAN but good enough for me to ditch the LAN cable from transfers and have a smooth VNC connection.

Once you have it all setup, you'll love it.

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