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HEQ5 motors - what do they fit?

Kaptain Klevtsov

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Just realised _ Dohh!

The HEQ5 that I just got had motors in that I took out and stuck on a shelf in the office to gather dust. Surely these must be of use to somebody? Anybody know what they will fit?

The "SPARE" kit consists of the two motors, two gears and a hand controller with a circuit board to connect them all together

Captain Chaos

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BUT! If I see a good deal on an EQ?, might they fit?

Captain Chaos

The ones to keep an eye out for are the Meade motors, you can fit them to EQs and use the Meade GOTO hanset. I've got that setup myself on my CG5. They crop up on Ebay for around £60 with a small refractor or reflector that you can sell to offset some of the cost.

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