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Dhey    0

Helo guys, I need some advice. I'm planning to buy a telescope. Is Celestron Nexstar 90gt computerized telescope good in viewing planet/nebula?

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LightBucket    108

Hi and welcome

the scope you mention will be ok at viewing planets and the moon, with a good quality Barlow, but not for Nebulea, most nebulea need longs exposer photography with many images stacked to show real detail and colour, the most you will see with the naked eye will be a cloud like view, with no real colour, and that with a large scope, with a 90mm scope you won’t see much at all in the way of deep sky objects.. :)

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Ricochet    394

Welcome to the forum Dhey. :)

I would imagine that the 90gt is better on planets than nebulae, but you should still be able to pick out a couple of the bigger/brighter nebulae. Of the planets Jupiter is already pretty close to the horizon by the time darkness falls and Saturn is heading that way too so you'll be wanting other targets over the coming months.  Personally, I would be inclined to look for a scope with a larger aperture which will give you better resolution/magnification for planets and more light gathering for nebulae. Depending on your budget this may require switching to a manual mount so it depends on how much you think you will want/need goto.

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ronin    3,611

How about "reasonable"?

90mm diameter and I guess 1000mm focal length. So will show Jupiter and Saturn OK, you need around 120x for Saturn, Jupiter is OK at less magnification. Mars will be a small red disk of no detail, but you need a bigger scope for Mars.

Nebula again reasonable, but for nebula you really need aperture and the most aperture:least cost is a dobsonian. However they are a different type of scope all round.

Not sure it will do 100% what you want, it will do it but maybe not as good as may be wanted/expected.

Where are you? Why that scope? What budget?

Any intention of putting a camera on it? Any intention at all of putting a camera on it? If so that changes the parameters.

I use a Bresser 102 for "general/everyday" work, wider then the 90 so a bit more light gather, there is a 600mm and a 1000mm version (focal length).

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