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M27 Dumbbell Nebula, new data

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Here's my last entry, and the beautiful Dumbbell Nebula again, but all new data from 30th July, 93 x 30 sec ISO 1600, 15 darks, 19 bias and 20 flats (yes I actually processed with flats this time), all stacked in DSS and stretched in GIMP.  There was a bit of high cloud around but when it was clear last night, it really was good seeing in East Yorkshire.  The ISS went over and through bins, it was so bright it nearly hurt my eyes!

I have processed this image a few different ways and with more time and skill I feel it could be improved but for now, I am pleased with the balance between the background colour and the colour of the actual Nebula itself.  This target means a lot to me as it is something I first imaged last year as a faint green smudge with just 3 or 4 sec exposures pre motors, but now offers so much more detail with exactly the same equipment, but with motors, and shows the improvement that is achievable with only modest upgrades.

Equipment - Skywatcher 150p on eq3-2, enhanced motors, Canon 1100d, un-modded.






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Nice Image, Nice colours

Been imaging this Neb myself, and some FLAT frames in my images would really help me out, as I find processing out the lighter middle area causes a big loss in colour over the whole frame, as from what I read Flats can help with this, that's one of my many next steps on this AP-Road. 

How did you find using Flats for the first time ? and can I ask how you took them ?

Thx Paul

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28 minutes ago, p14b said:

Flats for the first time

Thanks. I have struggled with flats a lot and think there may be something wrong in my set up that is affecting imaging in general. I have collimated so think that is ok but I still get an area of every image that is lighter than the rest. Anyway, I'll take that up on a different thread for advice. 

My current method for flats is to leave the camera attached overnight in exactly the same orientation and focus, next morning either outside if bright or inside directly under the main light in our lounge, white pillow case over the scope and alter exposure time in 'M' mode on the canon, using live view to get the histogram peaking in the middle then fire off 10-20 shots. 


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