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  1. No Problem what so ever. (even if it was a PM as it changes nothing) as not once did I think you was questioning my integrity, it was a query I often ask as a buyer myself. Sorry to hear you got burnt, me too in the past funnily enough via PayPal. Thx Paul
  2. I don't use PayPal as a seller because I don't agree with the sellers-fee's or having a noose around my neck for the next 6months on a private sale, but I do agree it benefits any buyer. All I can say is I have been a member on here for 8yrs and sold many items over the years, I will happily answer any question put to me 100% and add or send any extra photos. This is a well regulated forum, I wouldn't last 2 mins on here if I was not trustworthy with my sale.
  3. Samyang 85mm f/1.4 Aspherical IF (Canon EF) £150 pickup or postage at cost. (Instant Bank Transfer) Condition IMHO is excellent, glass is clean with no damage to the lens. Comes complete with Lens/hood/both caps/original box packing and manuals. Any questions pls ask Thx Paul
  4. SOLD (Mod Pls end this ad) Thx Paul
  5. For sale is my unmarked IDAS LPS-D1 48mm (2”) Light pollution filter, £100 Any questions pls message me Thx Paul
  6. HoTech Advanced CT Laser Collimator 2” >> £299 << Cased with Fine Adjustment tripod mount, 2” reflector mirror and laser diffusers. Only used to collimate my SCT after a full rebuild/upgrade. Condition used/but unmarked, bought from a reputable user on here just 2 months ago. Postage of your choosing at cost Payment via Bank-Transfer Message me for better photos Thx Paul
  7. Hi Chaplin Only the x3 barlow now left to sell. I'm gonna ask mods to remove the ad, and list this x3 on it's own. Thx Paul
  8. Hi I have sent you another message, let me know if you get it ? Then i will send u photo and sort out with you. Thx Paul
  9. Hi Russ Yes 24mm is yours, Sent you a PM to sort out all details. Thx Paul
  10. Explore Scientific 82º Series Eyepieces & Focal Extenders sale. Explore Scientific 82º 24mm (2") Eyepiece > Mint condition/Boxed £145 Explore Scientific 82º 8.8mm (1.25") Eyepiece > Mint condition/Boxed £85 Explore Scientific 2x Barlow/Focal Extender (2") New/Never used Mint condition/Boxed £95 Explore Scientific 3x Barlow/Focal Extender (1.25") > New/Never used Mint condition/Boxed £58 Priced as Pick up from WIGAN paying cash or instant bank transfer, will also post at cost via 1st/2nd Class-recorded or RM/SP Delivery All items liste
  11. http://ensoptical.co.uk/teleskop-service-9x50mm-finder-scope-right?sort=p.price&order=ASC
  12. Sorry m8 (none for sale) as my Baader 2" Ha is my new best go to filter, only started imaging in Ha this year but was blown away with the results from my very first session. https://www.astrobin.com/400509/B/?nc=user So i highly recommend anyone buying one! If a beginner who shoots just for fun (ME) can get ok results. Thing i like about all my Baader filters is > Zero reflections/ghosting/artifacts ect ect. GL HF Thx Paul
  13. Well i have never had an issue with Baader filters or any other gear Baader sell, over many years having spent ££££s Had them for over a year, bought about 10 Baader filters all together, not sure where i got these from in truth. But such a negative view or personal issues question that can relate to just about anything bought new & sealed is best kept in a personal message, if it was me buying and i was so unlucky that I did buy a product with 0.001% chance of a manufacturing fault, then i would have no problem in using the money saved in replacing the product with buying new an
  14. - Tele Vue Renaissance SDF F/5.4 Petzval Refractor Telescope - Price - £750 cash on pickup or bank transfer, may post but this would be at the buyers risk/responsibility This is the later SDF model with the larger Fluorite element for better color correction, Excellencent wide field flat field telescope for both viewing and imaging. Bought in mint condition from here for this price but without the extras, for wide flat field imaging with my APS-C D5300, for which i added the Losmandy/Vixen bars and tube rings for use with my AVX Mount/CGEM DX Mount, I also had the brass tube
  15. 2" Baader RGB filter set (New still sealed) Price - £240 / Payment by cash on pickup (Wigan), or bank transfer. Reason for sale is i have gone back to DSLR imaging, due to lack of time and the weather. Thx Paul
  16. Hi Adam No just the RGB as these are what your asking for, as I use my L-Cut filter quite a lot when imaging with my camera lenses. Thx Paul
  17. https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/baader-r-ccd-filter-(red).html (2"-Version) 2" version is 155 euro about £140, so i guess a set would be about £400. So how about £264 + post which is exactly 2/3 of the price (but remember these are still brand new sealed in there case) Thx paul
  18. Hi To be honest on price i don't know, I will have to research the price and work it out from there, as I bought the whole lot for well over a grand then moved back to DSLR. As you can see in the pic (top 3 left side) all still sealed. Make me an offer "i won't bite" :0 and you never know? Thx Paul
  19. Just looking at yr wanted ad (as you bumped it) I got a full set of 2" baader filters, and I have never even opened RGB so may sell if any good to you. let me know if your interested and how much your after paying. Thx Paul
  20. Hi John I will buy this, is it OK to do it by free instant Bank Transfer. Thx Paul
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