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  1. http://ensoptical.co.uk/teleskop-service-9x50mm-finder-scope-right?sort=p.price&order=ASC
  2. Sorry m8 (none for sale) as my Baader 2" Ha is my new best go to filter, only started imaging in Ha this year but was blown away with the results from my very first session. https://www.astrobin.com/400509/B/?nc=user So i highly recommend anyone buying one! If a beginner who shoots just for fun (ME) can get ok results. Thing i like about all my Baader filters is > Zero reflections/ghosting/artifacts ect ect. GL HF Thx Paul
  3. Well i have never had an issue with Baader filters or any other gear Baader sell, over many years having spent ££££s Had them for over a year, bought about 10 Baader filters all together, not sure where i got these from in truth. But such a negative view or personal issues question that can relate to just about anything bought new & sealed is best kept in a personal message, if it was me buying and i was so unlucky that I did buy a product with 0.001% chance of a manufacturing fault, then i would have no problem in using the money saved in replacing the product with buying new and returning back there faulty product for a full refund, as a >manufacturing fault< is 100% down to the manufacturer. Current retail on these filters new is about £140 each; I'm only asking £80, which is less then some people sell used for. Thx Paul
  4. - Tele Vue Renaissance SDF F/5.4 Petzval Refractor Telescope - Price - £750 cash on pickup or bank transfer, may post but this would be at the buyers risk/responsibility This is the later SDF model with the larger Fluorite element for better color correction, Excellencent wide field flat field telescope for both viewing and imaging. Bought in mint condition from here for this price but without the extras, for wide flat field imaging with my APS-C D5300, for which i added the Losmandy/Vixen bars and tube rings for use with my AVX Mount/CGEM DX Mount, I also had the brass tube repolished but this proved problematic at night, so the tube has been temporarily wrapped to keep the reflections down. Reason for sale, I bought a WO Star 71 II F/4.9 to image extra wide/full frame with my Sony A7 (FSM) Not sure what else to say? so any questions please just ask. Image taken with this Telescope below. >>>>> https://www.astrobin.com/321359/B/?nc=user Thx Paul This is as the telescope is now. (above) This was before the telescope was wrapped, BLING!!!
  5. 2" Baader RGB filter set (New still sealed) Price - £240 / Payment by cash on pickup (Wigan), or bank transfer. Reason for sale is i have gone back to DSLR imaging, due to lack of time and the weather. Thx Paul
  6. Hi Adam No just the RGB as these are what your asking for, as I use my L-Cut filter quite a lot when imaging with my camera lenses. Thx Paul
  7. https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/baader-r-ccd-filter-(red).html (2"-Version) 2" version is 155 euro about £140, so i guess a set would be about £400. So how about £264 + post which is exactly 2/3 of the price (but remember these are still brand new sealed in there case) Thx paul
  8. Hi To be honest on price i don't know, I will have to research the price and work it out from there, as I bought the whole lot for well over a grand then moved back to DSLR. As you can see in the pic (top 3 left side) all still sealed. Make me an offer "i won't bite" :0 and you never know? Thx Paul
  9. Just looking at yr wanted ad (as you bumped it) I got a full set of 2" baader filters, and I have never even opened RGB so may sell if any good to you. let me know if your interested and how much your after paying. Thx Paul
  10. Hi John I will buy this, is it OK to do it by free instant Bank Transfer. Thx Paul
  11. Hi Jon I use my Baader 8-24 zoom more than any other of my ep's (by far) Try to get a mkIII or mkIV , both are very good, optically they are the same but the newer mkIV is a more compact version of the older mkIII You can pick up a good mkIII for about £110
  12. Selling my 2.75" CGEM-DX PRO Tripod £290 Same one as shown here at £800 but with added CGEM-DX Top dome capping > https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/celestron-cge-pro-tripod.html In good condition only selling as i have installed a pier 2.75" Stainless Steel Legs, with Accessory Tray & Spreader Bars Needs to be picked up in person as this weighs in at over 20kg/45lbs Thx Paul
  13. TS Optics 2" Monorail Focuser for RC telescopes (Ritchey-Chretien telescopes) - 1:10 Dual Speed - for GSO, Altair Astro, Astrotech - Monorail M90x1 fitting As new please see photos £60 via Bank-Transfer pickup or postage at cost. Thx Paul
  14. Celestron CGEM-DX/CGE Pro Tripod 2.75inch-Dia Stainless legs Only-£199 Moved my CGEM-DX onto a pier so the massif 3inch legged tripod is for sale, good condition with spreader-bar and tray. As a quick sale on here I only want £199 which I feel is a bargain (Pickup HINDLEY) note this weighs over 20KG
  15. To True. I changed my C925 crappy finder for the celeston 50mm RACI angled finder last year, but it won't fit my TV-101 or my SW scopes, so needed a SW type one. Luckily I bought the one above off Derek, and all is good as it came today and this afternoon I painted it back to all black. Defo a must buy IMHO, saves viewing at silly angles that's for sure.
  16. Hi Derek OK-Deal £27.50 . Please send me your Bank details and I will pay at once. >>>>>>>> On a personal-Message <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Please send asap to > Thx Paul
  17. WOW! That's ugly. Whats the rusty nail-head looking thing on the diagonal ? I'm hoping its just something on the cloth. Not quite what I was expecting, but if you say the optics are good and all is as it should be > I would offer £25 posted. (bank transfer) Thx Paul
  18. Hi Derek Any chance you can add a photo, but yes that sounds ok, i'm defo interested. Thx Paul
  19. WANTED 50mm Right-Angled Finderscope Ideally something like the item below, needs to be right-angled! as my straight through 50mm finderscope is useless when my guide scope is in place. Let me know if you have one to sell. Thx Paul
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