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My first proper attempt at Jupiter

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I originally posted this picture in @Stu's Stupod thread when the challenge first launched and he encouraged me to go for the competition with this shot... I umm'd and ahhhh'd about it and decided to go for it anyway, what have I got to loose?

So basically this is Jupiter through my SW explorer 130, before I got the EQ3 mount, running only on an EQ2 with the one motor.. a 10mm eyepiece through a X2 barlow lens and an iPhone 6 rigged up to look through it... I took 3 video files around 30 seconds each and downloaded them onto my computer... stacked 1600 of the best (according to my computer) frames in Lynkeos (Mac)... and this is what I got.... Now I have upgraded to EQ3 and a DSLR, I could probably get a better photo, definitely a clearer one!... but it still makes me smile when I show people this photo and they always look shocked when they find out what you can achieve using just a mobile phone camera..... they then look even more shocked when I turn the brightness up and reveal two more hidden moons in the darkness!

Best of luck to everyone who's entered. Art


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