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Saturday 17 June Solar Ha


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Boiling hot with sunny blue skies today in Northampton with a lovely imposing white hot orb taking centre stage.

I have just had a quick look at the disc and it is looking pretty scrummy, there are still two lovely proms around the 2 O'Clock position that are a typical flame shape in appearance and just opposite them there is quite a dense prom developing, so this is worth keeping an eye on. The surface detail is also fantastic today and the granulation is quite dark adding to that lovely keliedoscopic effect.

unfortunately I still cannot drink any alcohol so my favourite pastime of wine marinated melon mixed with solar will have to stay on hold ? For the time being.

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Japp, sunny here too.

In PST view, the proms are in 4, 5 and 11 o'clock, the 4o'clock proms is quite fainter than an hour ago. seeing is very good, nice surface detail when going up to 50x, which doesn't happen so often.

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Nice one young, 

The detail is increasing here, maybe this is due to the seeing here, the 2 proms are being accompanied by another looping prom !!!! It's very hot outside and it is quite difficult to stay out there very long ? No complaints from me though.

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