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Jupiter (imaging challenge entry)

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Image taken on 23rd May using a Neximage Burst Colour via an Evolution 8 located in a UK urban location with high levels  of light pollution.  'Scope was  accurately polar aligned on wedge; with sound tracking in 'R A Only' (so zero alignment point drift). I took circa 1,000 frames; around 80% were discarded, best remaining then stacked in Registax; wavelets tweaked, but no further processing. It took ages to adjust focus (Feathertouch Microfocuser) and the 'gain' and 'exposure' in I-Cap to tease out detail on my laptop screen. All my previous efforts have been devoid of any detail other than blurred banding, and also perhaps suffered from tripod shake; but this time it was a rare still clear night with a perfect alignment and tracking.  it just all seemed to click. I think also crucial to this was Jupiter was elevated well above the usual horizontal atmospheric 'soup'. It perhaps shows that you don't need to spend a four figure sum on an expensive camera to get pleasing planetary results, but you may have to wait months for the right conditions (and have the patience of Job). 


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I  there Noah,   a great image, packed with detail, looks very sharp too,  size wise it gives a very accurate impression of what can be seen in my 155mm APO under near perfect conditions,  good work.      Chris

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