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ngc 1788 ... different


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Sometime during processing I push the data WAAY over the top, just to see what's in there. This time it just revealed sloppy deconvolution. But the way the deconvolution process had affected the noise in the background, gave the image an artistic look which I find not entirely unpleasant. An aggressive star reduction enhanced the effect.

So here's a different version of NGC 1788, a reflection nebula in Orion.



(Data from the Liverpool Telescope)

Btw, I will do a more traditional version of this nebula as well.

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3 hours ago, gorann said:

Very impressionistic Wim, will be interesting to see where you finally land with this data


5 hours ago, Rodd said:

Can't say i recognize it at this scale.  It does have an artistic flare to it.


Thank's Göran and Rodd.

It will land closer to this (but not the final version yet, probably)


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