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Star-Tip Mountain Catching the Sun


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I'm observing the Moon at the moment and in particular the very nicely illuminated Schroters Valley area which includes the significant craters Aristarchus and Herodotus. Amongst the terrain on the other side of the winding valley from these major craters there is a mountain with a brightly illuminated peak - it's Mount Herodotus which apparently rises around 1200 meters about the surrounding terrain. This peak has also been given the rather romantic name "Star-Tip Mountain" because of the way that it catches the light. Seeing it this evening I can completely understand why :icon_biggrin:

Back to the eyepiece .....


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It's just got better !!!!

I noticed a star hanging over the lunar limb "above" the Schroters Valley area at the terminator. Stellarium had this as HIP 20343 in Taurus and 5th magnitude. Just as I was watching the star winked out of view as the Moon occulted it. A simple thing which must happen very often but to watch it happen is like magic :icon_biggrin:

The Moon is 1.3 light seconds away, the star 480 light years. A sense of perspective and the Universe in operation :icon_biggrin:


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