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Widefield Plejaden - california nebula and dark taurus clouds

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As a pre christmas gift i bought myself a Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM lens. So here is my first light with it. I think the area is well known.

Complete time about 3,5 hrs. 68 lights with 180 sec. at ISO only 400 because of light pollution ( think i better had installed my Astronomik CLS-CCD:hmh: ), i dropped the lens down to f4.

Nevertheless i am ok with my result as it´s the best that i made till now from that area. All other tries with the Canon 100mm macro and the EF 70-200 @200mm have been not that nice.

As second i bought an electric power supply for my Canon 1000da so i don´t need the cam batterie anymore (had only 2 hrs. to take pics), these two new pieces are a great step for nicer pics.

Finally taking lights without any limitation :hello2:

I think using the CLS-CCd filter @ ISO 800 and maybe 4 minutes exposure time would have brought a way better, deeper result but we all know ..... there always happens something.

Thanks for watching and interest and clear skies for you all :headbang:


Best regards



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1 hour ago, Knight of Clear Skies said:


Is there a slight problem at the edges of the frame?

Indeed. I wasn´t able to make any flats and so i cropped the pic a little bit. I should have cropped a little bit more.

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