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Trouble converting and stacking DSLR images in PixInsight

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Could anyone please help me solve the following problem?

I’ve been trying to batch process CR2 images taken with a Canon 40D.

I’ve used Batch Debayer to convert the images to FITS files, but when I try to stack the converted images in Batch Preprocessing (something I’ve done many times with FITS-files gathered with an Atik camera) PixInsight refuses to process the converted files. During conversion I notice the Process Console generates an “Insufficient data storage capabilities: TIFF” warning; but I’m not sure what this is telling me, or what I should do about it.

I’ve tried also converting to TIFF, and the default PixInsight format, but hit the same problem when I try stacking the converted images- receiving the diagnostic message “Unable to determine frame type”  

I’m not sure where I’m going wrong, could anyone please help?

Many thanks, Herrman

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Hi Rob,

I've tried putting the CR2 files into Batch Preprocessing, but get the following warning:

not sure what to do about this! I've tried adjusting the various preprocessing options, but without success.

At this stage I'm simply trying to stack lights; so I've deactivated the dark, flat, and bias options.

Processing LRGB images seems simple by comparison.

Any help with this will be much appreciated!

Thanks, Herrman

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Don't claim to be an expert on PI, but wonder if you have set up the dslr file format. I could not remember what I did, but this is copied from a post on the PI forum:

"1. Prepare the DSLR RAW format module to read pure RAW images:

- Open the Format Explorer window

- Double click on the DSLR_RAW item

- On the RAW Format Preferences dialog, select:
 - Uncheck both white balance options
 - Check the Create RAW Bayer image option
 - Check the No black point correction option
 - Click OK and you're done.

Now RAW images will be read exactly as they have been created by your camera. This is a one-time procedure; PixInsight will remember your settings. "

Hope this helps.



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Herrman I don't know what the message means. To  check that settings for cr2 files are correct just open a single image.  It doesn't have to be an Astro image any will do.  A daylight image has the advantage that you can check colour is correct. 

The message implies a problem with calibration,  non matching dark or bias.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Graham,

Sorry for the delay in replying; I've not had chance to check for responses until now.

Many thanks for the instruction, this is something I've not tried, so could well be the solution to this problem. I'll give it a go this evening, and let you know how I get on.

Thanks again, Herrman

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Hi Rob,

Many thanks for your reply.

The message has got me baffled too! It stating something's wrong, but no hint what to do about it! It's certainly implying a calibration issue, but at this stage I'm trying just to stack light frames; no darks, flats, or bias included. When I do this with FITS files obtained with a Atik 383l, this is a fairly painless procedure, all that's required is to select one image from the stack for registration (I did this with the CR2s too). From you reply I get the impression I could be missing out a fundamental step in the process. You say the image should be opened, and settings checked, I think this possibly is what Graham describes above.

I'll have another shot at this tonight, and let you know how it goes.

It would be good to get this cracked, as I've a backlog of images that I'm itching to process!

Thanks again, Herrman

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