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Walking on the Moon

Mosaic from 09/10


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Hi everyone

After having issues with guiding a set about a trying something different.
I have only used sharpcap up till now and after hearing good things about fire capture I thought I have a go at using it.

The resulting image is a 48 Panel mosaic.
Shot using a Skywatcher 130PDS, 3x Barlow on a ASI120MC-S.

After finally figuring out how to de-bayer the files (which was not as easier as I remember it being with sharpcap files) I set about stacking the best 30% of 500 frames from to build each panel using autostakkert2.
Each panel was loaded into registax and processed using wavelets.
The final resulting panels then got loaded into Microsoft ICE to build the mosaic and finally into lightroom for some final minor adjustment.


Any comments, advise or input would be great

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7 minutes ago, Yamez said:

That is stunning! I'm going to struggle with my 2 pane video mosaic. Can autostakkert2 stake .mov files?


It should be able to. If it does not out of the box then there is an option I remember seeing to use ffmpeg which should have no issues.
If you have any issues then you it may be worth running it through pipp first and get that to do all the heavy lifting before stacking in autostakkert.

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