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I have a  Sky-Watcher Skyliner-250PX FlexTube SynScan GO-TO Dobsonian Telescope  and want to get into imaging and was wondering if this system of mine would be ok to use a guider as i want to get into deep sky imaging

If so have you any ideas witch one i could use

Thanks in advance





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Hi and welcome to stargaxers lounge

Your first investment in astrophotography should be a good read:


A dobsonian can be used as an imgaing scope, but only for very short exposures (planetary).

For deep space objects such as nebulae, you will need a scope on an equatorial mount.

Have a look in the various imaging subforums and see what you like and can afford.


Good luck


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These scopes are all very slow (= have long focal length for aperture) and need long exposures, which makes them difficult for AP.

As I see it, you would do best to invest in an imaging setup:

EQ mount, preferrably HEQ 5, EQ6 or equivalent

Reflector telescope, such as the SW 130PDS or 150PDS


Refractor, such as the SW ED80 or equivalent

If you're on a budget, people have done quite nice work with smaller mounts and you could start out with either a Star Adventurer or an EQ3 with RA motor (or EQ3 Pro). These mount can perform well if you limit the load and use them with short focal length optics, such as photgraphic lens or small refractor.

I suggest that you have a look at the imaging subforum and look what results people get with their setup. That should give you an idea of what to expect from a certain mount/scope.

Hope this helps

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On 14/10/2016 at 18:12, bazjak said:

ok to use a guider

Hi. Not sure I understand what it is you want to do but I don't think you'd use a big dobson as a guider, rather add a smaller telescope as a guider to the dobson. But, you'd need a heavy eq mount and I don't think you can do that with open tube designs. Dunno. Maybe keep what you have for looking at stuff and something else for deep sky, such as the stuff that wimvb suggested. HTH.

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