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Tecnosky 70Q F5 Quadruplet APO

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Any one own this scope and can share experiences, especially for CCD Imaging

I saw one at Kelling this weekend and it quite takes my fancy, but with a bad history of short FL  triplet, Petzval refractors in this field, I am apprehensive. I am particularly looking for a FL of 300-350mm. I can't find any reviews or even images taken with this scope.




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2 minutes ago, CCD Imager said:

Yeah, three years late, lol 

I actually bought the WO Redcat earlier this year, but I would still be interested in seeing how the Tecnosky performs.

Better late than never lols , i will see how second outing goes but first light was good ,build wise seems good other than the dust cap loose fit but i have a friend machining me a better one ,i have added an autofocuser , and will probably relocate guide scope to the guidescope rings , field rotatator built in , and tilt adjusters built in too if needed eos adapter quickly easily fitted ,field looks flat to the edge, too me anyway ,focuser is smooth seems solid no slop ,

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I'm always wary of Trevors reviews, great chap that he is, he never says anything bad about any astro kit.....

I would be interested in whether focus changes between filters, FWHM of blue images compared with red and green and of course, stars at the periphery of the FOV.


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