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Heart IC1805


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I seem to have got my gremlins under reasonable control now after having everything packed up for the summer.  Guiding seemed to work as well as it could in the conditions, most of the time PHD2 wasn't issuing any commands.

With a full moon high in the sky it was hardly ideal for imaging last night, I actually saw bright moon dogs so transparency couldn't have been great either.

Heart was pretty much the furthest thing from the moon I could find so I decided to get some narrowband on it.  On skysafari it looked like it would fit a little better than it actually does but then I think I was being optimistic as with dithering the stacking artefacts need to be cropped.

This is 7x600s Ha, 7x600s OIII & 3x600s SII.  The Ha data looks really nice even before being processed, the OIII lacks signal though and I didn't have time to capture enough SII.  No calibration frames as I've not had time to take any this year and I don't think it would be worth using last years ones.  Fortunately there doesn't appear to be any vignetting or gradients to deal with and the sensor has prett low loose anyway.

This is the first time I have created a Hubble palette image completely in PI as well, normally I combine the channels in gimp then fiddle around with the colours until it looks right.  It could probably do with some tweaking as I think the Ha data is being understated on a target that is mostly Ha.


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Hope you don't mind ....

You are using PI. A quick and dirty Hubble palette exercise ...

Try this. Stack your image (SII/Ha/OIII). It will be very green probably.

Then just run the SCNR process. It will likely have a lot of magenta left over. You can reduce the saturation of the magenta.

Use the Ha as luminosity (in Photoshop works very well). You can then apply a Gaussian blur to the colour which will help reduce the noise.

Adjust to suit ..... the attached took a couple of minutes. 


Have fun.


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