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Vignetting Cause (SCT) and miigation.

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Trying to understand causes of vignetting, and recenty read an article on petersonengineering that basically is saying that if I use 2" separators etc. that this should not be too much of a problem as that is larger than the 38mm exit in the rear cell.

Another forum post on CN from BiullP, SCT Baffle Tube Inside Diameters, notes the C8 - in which I am specifically interested - has an internal baffle diameter of 37mm.

So, if the baffle is 37mm, the exit is 38mm and I am using 2" nosepiece (50.8mm) would vignetting really be a major issue that could not be solved with taking some reasonable flats (iPad Pro with a torch app :)) as there is no reduction in diameter of the light path.


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The degree of vignetting must depend on the size of the chip you are using. In the distant past I used a 35mm camera on my C8 without major vignetting, and a crop sensor has no problems I can see in the lunar shots I have taken, even with an F/6.3 reducer (which does show heavy vignetting on full frame).

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