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Focusing my CCD camera problems.


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Hi. I have a L100 pro ccd camera. I have found that to focus this with my p200 newt the focuser has to be in as far as it will go. I feel that the camera should be closer to the primary if you catch my drift. I am thinking that a barlow may help as it would be easier to modify than touching the scope. Any advise would be appreciated.





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Indeed a Barlow normally moves the focal point further out, this will however increase your focal length making it harder to track/guide.

If it is just about in focus you could try winding in the collimating screws on the primary to bring it a few mm up the tube, obviously you would need to collimate afterwards.

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Thanks for the advise. I had not considered moving the primary via the collimation screws a touch Hmmmm. My set up is not for astro photography persay  but as an automated setup being operated remotely.  Having said this it still needs to be in focus of course. Thanks again. 

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