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  1. Thanks again lads. I am careful to re enter correct time and date. My understanding of the system is as Geoff describes but this is not happening with my setup at present. I noticed that after set up the handset states that previous data is taken into account, or words to that effect. Perhaps previous mistakes are confusing things. If I reload the firmware I may be able to start from square one.
  2. So I am still a bit in the dark, so to speak. I have followed the setup procedure to the letter. Then done the star alignment and had a session scanning around the sky. Everything is working fine. I finish the session by parking the scope and powered off when told to. To test the setup I turn the power back on. I am asked if I want to start from the park position. Yes I do. The scope now operates but has no clue where it is!!!. The only way I can proceed is to do a star alignment. Do I have a problem or is this normal and I have just misunderstood the manual.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Perhaps I have misunderstood the meaning of saved cordance of my scope. The handset does retain Lat/Long etc but the three star alignment coordination it does not. I was under the impression that I would not need to re align if the scope is not moved. If this is not the case if I did not power off would the star alignment adjust itself to the later time set? Thanks again.
  4. Hi. I have a 200p goto Dobsonian. I have never yet been able to get the handset to remember the start up coordinance after power off. So every session I have to re enter the start up procedure. The manual states that it will remember the fed in data. If this is a quirk of my scope being a Dob, then would I do any damage if I just parked the scope but do not power off? Cheers Chris.
  5. While trying to upgrade the firmware of my old Canon DSLR both MS and my AV software went nuts! Something about "Malicious Content". The old download " Canon 300d firmware Russian hack" has been popular for years with many references and recommendations to it throughout the web. I am no expert on such things. Just a word of caution
  6. So I cant do a three star alignment with a goto dob. Possibly it does not remember the last sessions alignment and needs to be set afresh each session. I am spending too much time with this problem and resetting each time is good for the soul. Now I will work on my other problem. My CCD camera. Cheers lads.
  7. Thanks for the replys. I was under the impression that provided the scope is not moved it should remember the alignment from the last session. Mine does not at the moment. I did tell the mount to start from the home position. I may need to do a three star alignment to reset the system so old wrong alignments are not taken into account. This I believe is the case when doing a two star alignment. I just need a clear night. Cheers.
  8. Hi. I have a go-to 200p Dob which is working ok mostly. The problem I have is that once parked and power turned off it needs to be realigned at the start of the next session. Any ideas?
  9. Hi Steve. Welcome to the lounge. From Co Wexford.
  10. Nice one Seb, All I have got so far is a fuzzy blob. Good luck.
  11. Hi. I have a 200p Go to Dob which worked fine. After revamping the custom base that it sits on ( remotely operated system) I find that the Park position is no longer in the original orientation. Without going into too much details I have not touched the scope just the base it sits on. This base has locator cups cast into it which the scopes locators sit on (if you catch my drift). My problem is I dont seem to be able to reset the park position! A bit of a black art to me. Can anyone put me straight please (excuse the pun) Wayland.
  12. Thanks for the advise. I had not considered moving the primary via the collimation screws a touch Hmmmm. My set up is not for astro photography persay but as an automated setup being operated remotely. Having said this it still needs to be in focus of course. Thanks again.
  13. Hi. I have a L100 pro ccd camera. I have found that to focus this with my p200 newt the focuser has to be in as far as it will go. I feel that the camera should be closer to the primary if you catch my drift. I am thinking that a barlow may help as it would be easier to modify than touching the scope. Any advise would be appreciated. Regards wayland.
  14. I have found that a X2 barlow lens working in conjunction with a webcam makes focusing easier. Often with newts the focusing range does not allow the webcam to achieve focus. i.e. the focuser hits the stop before a good focus can be achieved. The barlow will focus and can be modified so the webcam does also.
  15. Webcam focusing


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