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  1. Brilliant , glad you like it , good luck in your new venture , if you can please show us your images
  2. Hi there, hope the night went well, how are you finding the new scope ?
  3. Hi , sent an email, dumb question , have you checked spacing of the camera sensor to the scope ?
  4. No problem , if you can't sort it speak to flo about Es Reid Optical Bench Test and let me know the cost please
  5. Hi there , the scope was bought in 2016 from FLO , I took a test photo with the scope and it did not show any diffraction
  6. Thanks, a reasonable offer they can bag a bargain
  7. I believe it is one of the first released ,it has been used on two occasions with a total of around 10 frames taken
  8. So after finding out that Zwo have made some improvements to this camera , I am open to offers, anything sensible will be considered ASI 1600MM-Cool, used twice £750 (offers) Thanks
  9. Hi LightBucket , sorry you missed it , it's now been sold
  10. Hello all , due to moving house, it is with deep sadness that I need to sell my gear. Most items I would prefer not to post and would be collection only , any smaller items that can be, postage will have to be covered by the buyer. If you are interested in any of the items please send a P.M and we can discuss it , So here goes Skywatcher Esprit 80 ED pro triplet in alu flight case this has not been used £750.00 SOLD to Kaliska Field Flattener for the above scope , this has not been used £ 80.00 SOLD to Kaliska Skywatcher evostar 80ed ds pro +
  11. Hello and welcome, from south of the loch
  12. http://glenn.ws/web/images/BackyardEOS UserGuide.pdf
  13. Hi there, are you polar aligning just using the dials or are you using a polar finder? I would try the above suggestions , either invest in the Polemaster or a software program like sharpcap , I dont have the mount but it looks like it has very nice user friendly adjustments knobs compared to say the Skywatcher HEQ mounts
  14. Good morning ,out of interest, are you keeping the pier , if not, do you have an asking price ?
  15. I need some advice , I have a Esprit 80ED which I use for Photography , I have nephews and nieces who are interested in visual , they would probably want to look at the moon , Jupiter and the brighter DSO's could anybody advise me on what eye pieces would be suitable , I have the stock diagonal and a 2" x2 SW Barlow. Thanks in advance
  16. Using this product I usually run it 2-3 times , and periodically through the night as I dont have a pier set up as yet , it has never let me down and I am able to run my rig unguided such is the accuracy , my exposures are never longer than 2-3 mins
  17. If you are still contemplating on which rig to use , leave it here ,and re name the section Gina's corner
  18. I understand its advice you were asking , but accurate polar alignment or any polar alignment would depend on so many different factors , I did a little research and came across this debate http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/481144-polar-alignment-considerations/
  19. Rather than look at PA as essential, I would like to think its good practice. If you have someone who is new to astronomy looking for advice and would like to use a telescope sat on a German equatorial mount , is it not better sing of the same hymn sheet to coin a phrase, rather than offer conflicting advice?
  20. The recommended payload would be equivalent to a 5" newt so an 8" quattro would be to heavy for this particular mount, a quattro with just accessories comes in at 10.2kg, thats without camera, guide scope, filter, filter wheel
  21. The floor has been cut to fit around the base
  22. do you start the alignment from the Home position? do you sync after you have aligned the first star ?
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