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my moon test observations

william martin

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Greeting after awaiting nice clear skies I finally get the moon out.. I have check my  3 eye pieces nice  even with my low power  I saw detail. Now with my x2 Barlow lens  a great pleasure.. From low to medium I saw shadows in creator more detail. With the high power with 2x Barlow lens I more details of the moon ,it looked I was orbiting closer the creators pop out more than I saw a mark on the upper smooth area on the moon, I wonderbif the lunar lander was there? At the power I saw movement nof the moon, the slow motion control was great.if there a x10 or x20 Barlow lens I would thought I landed on the moon.

The dad part I forgot my smart phone camera  well tomorrow night I give you photos or video

This is William martian on earth.


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2nd day of observation

Weather warm and skies fair, I have taken my first astriphotos and video,please forgive my work I had to use whatbi have. Some photos were taken without x2 Barlow lens. And some was taken with x2 Barlow lens. The video was taken with x2 Barlow lens.I also noticed the moon has turn completely turn around from yesterday's observation. I also took photos of a evening star.

YouTube video first lunar video


lunar shot from meade infinity 80.jpg

moon x2 Barlow lens meade infinity 80.jpg

lunar shot from meade infinity 80.jpg

lunar shot 2 from meade infinity 80.jpg

even star taken from meade infinity 80.jpg

evening star  taken from meade infinity 80.jpg


moon  with out x2 Barlow lens.jpg

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Nice use of video.  If you can find a way to keep the camera still, and let the moon be centred, or even let it drift slowly, you can use other software to extract frames from moments of good steady seeing. Those frames can be stacked into one image, which combines are the good frames into one better image. The noise from single frames is reduced in tbe stack.  Download Registax (free), and you can open your video in there and choose points to highlight on the moon. It will look for the best image frames  then stack them.  

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