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  1. 2nd day of observation Weather warm and skies fair, I have taken my first astriphotos and video,please forgive my work I had to use whatbi have. Some photos were taken without x2 Barlow lens. And some was taken with x2 Barlow lens. The video was taken with x2 Barlow lens.I also noticed the moon has turn completely turn around from yesterday's observation. I also took photos of a evening star. YouTube video first lunar video 20160909_201056.mp4
  2. Greeting after awaiting nice clear skies I finally get the moon out.. I have check my 3 eye pieces nice even with my low power I saw detail. Now with my x2 Barlow lens a great pleasure.. From low to medium I saw shadows in creator more detail. With the high power with 2x Barlow lens I more details of the moon ,it looked I was orbiting closer the creators pop out more than I saw a mark on the upper smooth area on the moon, I wonderbif the lunar lander was there? At the power I saw movement nof the moon, the slow motion control was great.if there a x10 or x20 Barlow lens I would thought I landed on the moon. The dad part I forgot my smart phone camera well tomorrow night I give you photos or video This is William martian on earth.
  3. When I check out autodtar suiti notice you on star or object s lot of data pops up about it.
  4. I got this with my Meade infinity 80mm telescope thevsiftware programs is called autostar and virtual moon map anyone heard of it? It looks interesting...
  5. Well the storm here does nothing no rain, just nothing but block my veaw of stargazing ruens my nights.
  6. Well I am thinking latter down the road if getting a moon filter and other filters to see some detail in planets can you tell me which ones I should get? Oh it say thread on to the barrel of the eye piece....
  7. It is very interesting to find outer space. One time when I was out side in pinal county Az, at night I was able to catch shooting stars at the corner of my eyes. My eyes are faster than my telescope.
  8. You mean some thing block out center of the sun? But doesn't damage the telescope? Some like see the sun, I prefer to see the moon and stars and planets
  9. I give a try, but can Meade infinity 80 can do that?
  10. I wonder about the morning star might be,
  11. Tonight was my first light, I saw the moon finally but with my telescope. By the time I set up my telescope, the moon was setting fast in the Harz on. I just have to wait until the moon is higher in sky. But I did get a veaw if star , I use the Barlow lens it help out good the red dot veaw finder was fast to find it . I started with a low 9mm eyepiece than stopped with a mid power eye piece The looked like a crystal diamond I wish the bright star Venus would show up.
  12. That's a lot to do just see features. It just like color filters for a microscope.
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