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Iris Nebula


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Iris Nebula taken over two nights earlier this week. combination of 8 min and 4 min guided subs totalling about 6 hrs exposure time, all at ISO 800 on my canon EOS 500D. Flats taken the following mornings of dawn skies. Stock calibration Bias and Darks used. Processed in PI; DBE, Histogram transformation, TGV noise reduction, SCNR(red), Curve transformation, Median and Linear Multiscale Processing. Hopefully I've not over processed. In addition to the illuminated gas clouds, I love the dark areas surrounding the core which blank out the background of stars.

Iris Nebula reduced size.png 

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10 hours ago, Jokehoba said:

Excellent image. The Iris nebula has always been one of my favourites too for the same reasons. :thumbsup:

Really gives the feeling of looking down a tunnel of cloud - moody. Reminds me of the 70's Dr.Who titles. 

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