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Right forum for discussing building remote controlled telescope rigs?


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Yes - or no? If no what SGL forum is best?

I'd like to hear from people who have completed such a project successfully and what sort of issues were found and over come. I'm 3 months into my own project (still someway to go) and would like to check over what I've done and if its OK.

I want to pick brains on issues such as potential power distribution gaffes (e.g. switched dew heaters potentially interfering with CCD camera's (alerted by something I read in the QSI manual - so how to avoid issues), avoiding ground loops (what happens if you have one?). All that sort of thing.

Cheers, Tony

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Hi Tony,

As Hugh has said, most of the best info is to be had under the Equipment \ DIY sections, but there are nuggets all over the site....

As to your query regarding switched DEW heaters, these are often based on PWM (pulse width modulation) switching regulators which are 'dirty' in that they produce lots of harmonics on the output, combined with the dew band, which acts like an aerial, inducing rogue signals, where they aren't wanted...



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