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Mintron Video camera


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Need some help please.  I brought a mintron video camera and there are no real instructions with it . I connected it up to a 12v power supply and connected it to a small caravan tv running on 12v. Using a av mini plug and cable with 3 leads I tried each lead an the white one gave me a connection. Pressing the top of 4 menu buttons gave me a menu on the screen and I set it up as the small piece of paper I have suggested. The camera at this point was working. SO on a clear  night I set the ed 80mm up and inserted the camera , plugged the power in and connected the leads to the tv as I did before but this time the screen logo says no connection. If i press the buttons a small menu appears saying AV and beneath n s something? but I get no menu as before. The mini plug has 3 section and the lead has red yellow and white leads.  I have set AV on the source of the tv. Any ideas as to the cause. Jay



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Sat down in the afternoon with the mintron and a tv and finally sorted the wiring setup out and got a image of the house down the road. Seems that you do not have to just use the av socket but the Ypbpr mini socket connected via the white connector to the mintron worked. I have been on the internet and have been unable to find any instructions for the mintron so if you find yours and could pass them on I would be grateful.  Jay

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