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My first Uranus image: Meade 254mm ACF/ ASI224MC

Tyson M

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Hello fellow SGL! Last night I took a run at Uranus. I fixed the secondary mirror on my SCT, and have dialed in the collimation process.


Things I learned when imaging a planet 2.88 billion km away:

RGB align is useless, you have to play with the sliders which do all kinds of interesting things, like not being able to reproduce the same colors twice lol.

Image scale is small, but you need good polar alignment for a barlow or it will drift off the sensor and be next to impossible to find. As a result, this was done at a focal length of 6300mm with a 3" tube extension but no IR pass or IR block filters. 

RS6 wavelets didnt help at all, even when stacking 13x  60-90 sec avi's in WJ

Anyways, I have a starting point to improve upon now 

Third one in is WJ stack, notice how it cropped the entire black background away...not sure why it didnt that. The last one is drizzled 3x


Thanks for looking. 





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