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No Web Cam Images

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Hi Everyone,

I have a bit of an issue with my Microsoft HD Lifecam, I shot some exposures through my SW AZ130 GOTO,  I am running the GOTO via my Notebook running Stellarium, all fine there. Opted to track and image The Andromeda Galaxy at 3 minute exposures. 

Frankly I imaged fresh air, nothing not an iota of anything, same process and outcomes with Dubhe & Mizar, as these were brighter I thought i would see if i had any joy with them but no, i am thinking the web cam pure and simple is not up to the job of fainter than planet / moon astrophotography and if not...where should i be looking as a replacement? Any ideas guys, advice or instructions warmly welcome, i am using Sharp Cap to image.

Cheers, John

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Webcams really do struggle on fainter targets.  How did you focus if you couldn't see anything?  If the focus is out you won't see faint objects unlike with the moon where you will see a big blob.

I would be very surprised if Andromeda would fit on the chip, it is far bigger than the moon.

It is possible to do long exposure imaging with a web cam, I have seen some good examples but it is not easy.  Your polar alignment will have to be excellent or you will just get a blurry image.

Is your mount equatorial (or on a wedge)?  If not you will get field rotation during long exposures.

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Hi D4N, school boy error identified right there, i focused Andromeda and both stars using the eyepiece and then replaced that with my web cam, hence i now see your point, i guess the camera will not see what the eyepiece sees or indeed, not see anything at all, if not up to the job?

I will take this point on board, i cannot believe i completely missed that process last night, thank you.

My exposure times at 3mins have been based on different web based information sources and are been used as a starting/experimental point for now.

Alignment pretty good so far, this is my 4th outing with the AZ SynScan GOTO scope, tracking appears steady and prolonged with little or no obvious drift of target objects.

Kind Regards,  John



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Ok well that is promising at least, the webcam will reach focus much further in than the eyepiece so you have a good reason for it not working :)

I would suggest bringing something really bright to focus in the centre of the eyepiece then switch to the webcam, hopefully it should spring into focus as you wind the focuser in.

Then try going for small bright targets like globs.

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I will move my work station closer to the scope so i can focus the webcam and observe the netbook screen during that process. Yes, i think i will start bright and work from that point moving forward onto fainter objects. 

Thanks once again, your help is much appreciated ...John

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