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Well this is embarrassing I wrote wrong report pages had stuck together and had my next nights observations I was going to look for. I thought when I was writing it did not sound familiar but i knew I had viewed a load of objects all being realigning the mount 4 times.  M13 lovely as ever in my 15mm M92 this is comparable to M13 I think M27 could make out the shape NGC 869 and 884 the double cluster and this is a must see for any new astronomers NGC 7209 open cluster  and NGC 7243, M57 with UHC filter really brought out the colour (blue) then doubles 17cygni,61cygni, 95Her this is a tight double. Lyra next and the double double i really need a good Barlow or the BST 3.2mm for this. Finally Eta Cas lovely Gold/purple tight double the purple being the fainter of the two.

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30 minutes ago, Stu said:

A decent set of objects there Wookie.

Do you think a clutch might be slipping on the mount causing the inaccuracy? Either that or power supply seem to be the main culprits.

Don't think it is clutch they are tight and power supply is 12v do 5amp  so not sure. 

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