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I have been using CDC and eqmod lately and basically all i do switch the thing on slew to one or two stars then sync and im away to go. Tonight now first truely clear night I had to move a few things so when I switched it back on I called up the polar alignment tool in eqmod ( it was showing at the 11 oclock position roughly) As I went to turn it I realised it wernt going to make it without the scope hitting the pier so I went the opposite way ( to the right, all the way round and it just made it). after setting polaris in the circle I went back to home slewed to vega and was way off ( Im guessing I turned the thing the wrong way but no idea). The problem im having now is failing to get in the ball park. I need to reset the database i presume and make eqmod/CDC forget. But I have no idea how to go about this, any idea guys?
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all thats correct, i think i know what i done, i parked it at a user defined position ( roof closed" and i think i went from there to unpark then straight to vega, from there on i went all over the shop. i think i should have unparked then park to home position then slewed to vega, i could be wrong though and i cant honestly remember 

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