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My first attempt at a mosaic Sadr Region HA


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I had my first go at a mosaic. I went to my first set of HA data using astrotortilla and then slewed down with about a good overlap left. I stitched the 2 linear panes together using MSICE, and then stretched them a bit. It is super easy to use. I had it figured out in minutes, so i believe anyone can do a mosaic. There will 2 more panes coming into the left side of this image whenever the weather lets me get 6 more hours of data. I would like to go all the way down to the crescent with this mosaic. 

This image consists of 2 panes, each 9 x 1200s images so 6 hours of data together.


HA 2 Tile Stitch DBE LHE ACNDR PSsmaller.png

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Thank you very much Jeff!  Sadr is very bright and i use a 7nm HA baader filter.  The halo is small but i still see it.  

I have had great luck with the CGEM DX and i think could get 30 min subs with no problem.  I finally started using a polemaster for polar alignment and the guiding has been super nice since then.

It looks as of tho i may have over sharpened with the high pass filter a bit in photoshop but other then that i am pretty happy with it.  Can't wait to add my other 2 panes into this.   

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