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  1. I'm wondering if anyone who has shots this target and got the outer shell of OIII to show up without having to overstretch it did it. More data at the same exposure, or a longer set of exposures for the OIII?
  2. Thank you Tony! Might go for some more OIII and pull that outer shell out more.
  3. Thank you!! Was fun to finally get back out there and get some data. The Mach1 performed beautifully even after sitting for such a long time. I didn't have to mess with a thing!
  4. Finally back! The weather here and of course life....has kept me from imaging for quite a long time. I finally got the bug back, and started gathering data on NGC 6888 The crescent in HA and OIII. Its been so long that I kind of forgot a ton a processing tricks and also had a computer failure and lost most of my old tools for Photoshop, so this is just a quick process with everything I can remember. Its a bit noisy due to needing more data, and probably needing to take a new set of darks, flats, and bias files since its been so long. That being said, it came out ok, just need to rehone my processing skills a bit. Let me know what you guys think........Details are: 1200x13 HA 1200x18 OIII
  5. Thank you so much!! I found that added SII to the mix makes processing a bit tough. Really appreciate it!
  6. I wanted to try to sharpen things up and make color pop a bit more so did a full reprocess. I actually really like this second version.
  7. Does anyone think the blue stars take away from this image? I kinda forgot about taming the stars down a tad when processing and was just looking back on it thinking they kinda do.
  8. I haven't been able to post up lately as the weather hasn't cooperated much. This is the first good data I've been able to capture for a while now. This is around 8 hours of data of HA and OIII all 1200s subs. I still plan on capturing the SII data but ill take what i can get for the time being. Quickly and simply processed in Pixinsight and finished up in Photoshop. I normally over saturate my images and this time i tried to leave it simple. Mach1 GTO, Atik 383l+, Baader Filters, Orion TOAG, SX Filter wheel, AT8RC, Lodestar X2, and the Williams Optics Flat6A .8x Reducer.
  9. This was taken on Saturday of last weekand and last night. It consists of 18 x 1200s HA, and 11 x 1200s OIII with Processing done in Pixinsight and finished a slight bit in Photoshop CS2. I had just got my new autofocuser install on my AT8RC and this was sort of my test with it. Stayed in perfect focus all night on both nights.
  10. Thank you all very much. Wish i could have had more time to get the SII channel. Im waiting on an autofocuser for the RC now since we have such big temperature shifts here in Colorado. Im sure Hayduke can attest to this as well. Makes focus shift in the middle of the night a pain......
  11. This was taken over the past 2 nights. I have 5 hours in HA and 5 hours in OIII. All 1200s subs. Processed in Pixinsight and finished in Photoshop CS2. This was taken with my AT8RC @ 1625mm, Atik 383l+ Mach1 GTO, Baader Filters.
  12. Excellent images Rodd. I myself prefer the 2nd one. Has contrast and makes things pop out more then the 1st. I don't have a whole lot of luck with my posts either here sometimes, there is such a high volume of posts sometimes they get lost in the mix. Keep posting em, a lot of times, people just run through all the topics posted to see everything.
  13. I have finished my full narrowband on this target but not sure if i can withdraw this image and post up my full color version....?
  14. Here is one that isn't overdone rather just processed in pixinsight and not oversaturated in photoshop like i am used to doing. Tried the less is more approach. A small high pass filter to sharpen the image at the end.
  15. Lol, I have seen so many different orientations of this image its crazy!! I like this one because it looks like a skull looking down and to the left. I like your image as well being its RGB instead of Narrowband. I would like to have your star colors here in my image. Maybe ill look into some RGB for the star colors.
  16. Thank you very much i really appreciate that.
  17. I over saturated it, kinda my style i guess. However i do want to see what less saturation would look like next to this one. I will post one up.
  18. Here is the full narrowband 7822/sharpless 171. This data was a bit easier to process, not sure the magenta in the middle was what i was headed towards, but that's what the colors gave me. This image now consists of around 10 hours of 20 min subs. Processed in pixinsight and finished up in photoshop. Used the HA as a lum since it was fairly clean. I do have a few gradients to work out that i couldn't get rid of easily. I am sure i have over saturated it, but thats kinda my style i like color. Any constructive criticism welcome. Please click on the image to have it shown correctly. it shows as hazy, dull and not as sharp until clicked on.
  19. I did these on a laptop at home and i wish i could delete them, lol. I hate that laptop screen it doesn't show the stuff i see on my screen at work......
  20. I also did a Red/Blue version instead of the goldish.....
  21. Got a few hours of OIII Data to add to the HA that i had taken a few days ago. Looking forward to getting the SII data as i tihink it will really finish the image up. I mapped as follows: HA - RED, HA*.5 + OIII*~.5 - Blue, OIII - GREEN using pixelmath. As usual processed in Pixinsight and finished in Photoshop CS2. Let me know if i'm on the right track. 11 x 1200s OIII 14 x 1200s HA
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