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GSO 2 speed focuser review


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I was able to buy this focuser:


and choose a base size close enough for my Celestron C8 Newtonian OTA that worked without having to re- drill any holes, even though the screw holes did not match up precisely. And also I did not have to move the diagonal mirror. It has an extremely smooth action and works flawlessly, but it does not have as much travel as the original focuser so it was necessary to buy a 35mm extension. All in all, it is well made and well worth the cost.

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A very good choice of focuser! Congratulations. These GSO Crayfords dual-speed focusers are worth every 1¢. Now if you'd like to add a little 'bling'-factor, you can get a larger diameter fine-focus wheel over the smaller fine-focus knob:


Some people, with a sense of humor, have been known to use a variety of things to do this. My favorite was the lid of a Skippy Peanut-Butter jar - the 'Chunky-with Nuts' variety, of course! And the larger diameter truly makes the fine-focus much finer.

Enjoy your excellent Crayford -


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