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Walking on the Moon

Useful Registar technique.


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Sometiemes when you use Registar to make a mosaic out of your linear data it will do so pretty well but might leave a visible joint line where, say, the bottom of the top panel overlaps the upper part of the bottom panel. When you stretch the mosaic you eventually see this pestilent line. Here's an easy fix in Ps:

1) Save all your registered-calibrated panels as separate items in case you need them as 'patches.'

2) Go into Photoshop.

3) Before starting your stretch of the mosaic set up 'Actions' to record everything you do as an action. Stretch till the line becomes visible and save the action.

4) Open the registered-calibrated lower panel and run the Action on it. Paste it onto to the mosaic and align it.

5) Draw a large loose lasso around the whole area of the line and give it a big feather. Select inverse and delete. Flatten. 

This will blend in the fragment of 'patch' needed to mask the line. Very quick!


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