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Please Help let me know what I got

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Hi I am new to the forum and the hobby. I have been interested in space for quite some time and finally purchased a scope. I was hoping someone could let me know what I have and if it's a decent beginner scope and if I could anything to make it better. I picked up the aurora 114mm bresser telescope from hobby lobby. Should I get some different eye pieces or just put it back in the box and return it 

thanks for the help in advance


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A lot depends on your expectations and the budget that you could spend on a telescope. The Aurora 114 is marketed by ExploreOne put out either by Bresser or Explore Scientific which are basically the same. According to Hobby Lobby publicity it is aimed at older children - so think of it as more a sophisticated toy rather than a fine scientific instrument. It seems to sell new in the US$130 to 150 range.

I haven't handled this telescope personally. The focal length of the telescope is variously listed on the box as 600mm and on http://exploreone.com/collections/telescopes/products/aurora-telescope as 1100mm. If it is the latter, it is probably a Jones-Bird design with an internal magnifier - many amateur astronomers hate this!

As you seem to suspect, this is a basic scope. If you have patience and perseverance, it could serve as a reasonably short term entry telescope. On the other hand, it could also put you off astronomy for life. My gut feeling is you could buy a better telescope for under $200, for example: https://www.telescopes.com/products/zhumell-z130-portable-altazimuth-reflector-telescope and a good one for about $300 new - for example: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ns=p_PRICE_2|0&ci=3390&setNs=p_PRICE_2|0&N=4100994428+4075789163&srtclk=sort

It's also worth looking at what's on offer second-hand. With care, you can find good bargains as amateurs upgrade to better or larger telescopes and sell off what they no longer need.



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Hello. I agree  . If it was me I would go with a scope that has been tried and tested as is more of  refined instrument. The skwatchers  get good reviews,   and lots of people love them . Something like the 150 or 200p is a good place to start. Try to find a second hand one and you may get a good scope at a bargain price. I have bought used before and it has worked for me. All the best 

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