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Barska X‑Trail 15x70 Binoculars

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For $53, less than taking the family out to dinner the other night, I ordered a pair of Barska 15x70's off Amazon.  They are an amazing value for the price.  Consider shipping the box had to cost $10 to $15 and if Amazon hits up that category like they do the one my work sells in, Amazon got 15% ~$7 of that $53.  So for $46 minus shipping, something like $33 in product, they are a heck of a deal.

Keep in mind, I am a big boy, my school had to special order my American Football helmet.  My biggest complaint is like I read in other reviews the eye pieces are a bit tight for my big head.  Rolling up the eyepiece cups helps. 

The optics seem decent to my amateur eyes.   There is distortion 2/3 out of center.  Tonight I finally got them out and saw plenty of stars.

Focus is easy enough and there is "right eye" vision correction.  There is travel past infinity for some reason. 

They're comfortably heavy.  For browsing the sky I can control them barehanded.  If I really want to focus on Mars or whatever bracing myself was necessary. 

That $46 minus shipping doesn't get you much else.

The lens covers are ok at best.  The one piece cover for both eyepieces is a strange, pointless invention.

Their strap is a cheap shoestring.  I upgraded it with a couple key rings and an old laptop bag strap.

The carrying bag is JUST big enough to fit the binoculars in.  It is soo tight it handily removes the lens covers when you pull the binoculars out.

A handy mini table top tri-pod was included.  Its minimalistic but actually decent.


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5 hours ago, MarkVIIIMarc said:

The one piece cover for both eyepieces is a strange, pointless invention.

Rainguard. As long as it is tethered and does not restrict your IPD, it is a very useful thing. If you get into the habit of flipping it over the eyepieces when you are not actually observing, it reduces the amount of beard-debris/spittle/crumbs/airborne-dust/pollen/etc. that lands on the eye lenses, thus reducing the frequency of required cleaning; also reduces the tendency to dew up on cold humid nights.

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These look like the BA-1s I used to have. Really good value for money, but they do tend to lose collimation, and I have had a case of the EP bridge breaking (after years of use, I should add). I have since upgraded to a pair of BA-8 (Helios Apollo), and they are clearly better (and heavier, and more expensive), but my kids still have a pair of BA-1 (Teleskop Service branded) which they love.  Great instruments for scanning the night sky at modest cost.

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